Since we are aware of the need to maintain progression on the methodology and scientific targets of our school and to contribute to increasing competitiveness of our students and graduates at the labour market, we have implemented the system of practical placements within the framework of European Community Programmes (concretely Erasmus Practical Placements). This concept is based upon our experiences in the field of European Exchange Programmes and Work Placements Programmes within the framework of European Community Programmes.

Within the framework of this kind of programme we enabled two Spanish trainees – students of our partner institution Padre Piquer – to undertake their practical placement in our institution. This placement had started with an adaptation period of about 1 month, the purpose of which was to make the trainee familiar with our institution goals and to get perception of tasks and responsibility within a professional environment with special focus on chosen activities (Project Management and Teaching). Then – after getting a better perception of the system they were required to apply in a practical way the skills and knowledge acquired during the 1st stage. As a result of the adaptation period, the trainee executed various placement assignments aimed at providing special support for our students, pedagogical and non-pedagogical staff and our partners.

Under the project management agenda, they were required to work and cooperate with all people in the school and communicate school partner institutions preparing a new International Projects. Within the framework of the educational part, they provided full support to our Spanish teachers preparing materials and lecturing. In addition, at regular meetings with students, trainee shared experiences, successes and challenges from their daily professional work with them.

We have been pleased with the results of this project and feel the experience has enabled us to demonstrate that we are able to meet all requirements stipulated by our Partners and European Institutions. Moreover placement gave our trainees the opportunity to gain real life work experience in a professional environment and our students to share experiences with their colleagues…



Since we have developed a modern competency-based school curriculum and our partners are numerous acknowledged National and International Institutions and companies, our graduates are very successful in entering the Czech Labour Market. Nevertheless, we are aware of the fact that to be successful in the European Labour market, we must rely on close interaction with our foreign partners- schools and educational institutions abroad. That is the reason why we have proceeded to build a productive network of partners in EU countries (with 3 institutions from Spain, France and Austria in 2010/2011) establishing a functional cooperation with them – at this stage – at an institutional level only (sharing our exchange experience when it comes to school curricula).

The main aim of these activities is to contribute to increasing competitiveness of students and graduates in the labour market by harmonizing theoretical and practical skills and competences of students and graduates and highlighting crucial aspects essential to their successful inclusion into the new European Labour Market as stipulated by our school curriculum. In this context, the project activities combine our experiences (cooperation at the National level) and those of our partners with providing such services within the framework of European Community Programmes/Mobility Programmes aimed at supporting both educational (Erasmus Study) and vocational programmes (EPP, LdV., Regional Mobility Programs, etc.) in order to be effective at providing students and staff mobility, provide a common platform through sharing relevant information and cooperating. When it comes to specific activities to be implemented under EP, we would like to work on exchanging students and participate in Erasmus multilateral projects aimed at cooperating with for profit and non profit institutions and academic institutions.

Naturally, we will keep you informed…